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PRYMA are the headphones of choice for Beyoncé

PRYMA are the headphones of choice for Beyoncé
PRYMA are the headphones of choice for Beyoncé

Beyoncé shocked the world in April, when she dropped a new surprise album – within days of Prince leaving us. Lemonade is her sixth studio album and most intimate project to date.

As Rolling Stone put it, “it’s a welcome reminder that giants still walk among us.” It’s by far Beyoncé’s strongest album. After the harder beats, Beyoncé settles back down a bit to play the key song of the album: the piano ballad Sandcastles.

Beyoncé sings at the piano, while Jay Z makes a silent but very intense cameo – the first and only of the visual album.

Beyoncé wearing PRYMA


At the piano, Beyoncé wears a pair of headphones: the elegant PRYMA 0|1 Carbon Marsala. According to GQ, the choice of headphone makes perfect sense: “We have tested them, we are confident that they are the only reasonable way to listen to Beyoncé.”

But, wait: they weren’t just a product placement, our chief designer Livio Cucuzza told to The Verge. The decision to wear them in the video was Beyoncé’s alone. She just happened upon them and liked the look. "It was totally unexpected for us," he said. "Very lucky."

As The Verge noted, it's a choice that makes sense: "Unlike a lot of headphone manufacturers, Cucuzza says Pryma’s makers are also aiming at women; that’s why part of the emphasis for the design is in considering headphones the same way one considers accessories for bags or belts. 'We know our customer — one who buys Italian fashion goods like bags or belts, every kind of luxury good,' Cucuzza says. 'The materials have the same standards of the best Italian goods'."

You can listen to the song and see the whole video on Tidal. And check out the PRYMA 0|1 Carbon Marsala here.