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Meet the #PRYMERS: André Saraiva

Meet the #PRYMERS: André Saraiva
Meet the #PRYMERS: André Saraiva

PRYMA makes some noise for the first time, premiering its advertising campaign.

Headphones inspired the unique perspective of rockstar director/photographer Olivier Zahm, who captured the vibes of our #PRYMERS: artists, curators, musicians, designers, and purveyors of taste and unflinching quality.

See them in the intimacy of their inspiration, and watch their allures merge with the frequencies of a sound rooted in obsession for taste and luxury.

"Music is vital for artists," says Zahm. "It's part of their everyday life when they work, think, imagine, or just relax. PRYMA, to me, is the headphones with the highest sound quality and best design. So my idea to celebrate this new technical sound object, was to shoot highly creative talents that pay close attention to the sound quality of their headphones as well as the design, just like they are meticulous about their artistic point of view. I shot them in their intimate environment, where they would be truly enjoying music – in the comfort of home – surrounded by the objects that inspire them."

Swedish-born artist and hotelier André Saraiva is the first of the #PRYMERS we’ll introduce to you.

Meet him now:

Pryma André Saraiva Headphones